Who we are

P.L.E. Cosmetica Srl is a young and dynamic company based in Northern Italy, born from the deep knowledge and expertise of its founders in the hair care sector, gained through years of research and experience. In the early years, the vivid interest to this sector was aimed solely at helping people who experienced thinning hair as an aesthetic and psychological problem, then it was understood that the commercialized formula was a truly revolutionary make-up. It was not a timid attempt to hide, but a worthy daily make-up applicable by everyone to improve their external and consequently internal appearance.

After a thorough research, the company has launched the TRICOMIX line on the market since a few years, consisting of high quality 100% natural products, the result of experience, research and innovation. Thanks to innovative formulas and scientific processes, the company has created a formula based on keratin fibers with a strong electrostatic charge that create a natural filling effect in the hair of people with thinning, alopecia, localized baldness or who simply want more volume.