Brow building fiber

Tricomix Brow Building Fiber is used for instantly thicker eyebrows with one, simple application for natural looking results.

Natural keratin fibers designed specifically for use on eyebrows. Ideal for brows that are thinning, sparse (hypotrichosis), shapeless or scarred. TRICOMIX BROW BUILDING FIBERS will help you get thicker, perfect looking brows. The set includes a WAX used to shape them enriched with jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea butter, mango nutrients and cocoa butter; the ideal solution for keeping your brows in perfect shape while keeping the hair bulb properly hydrated and nourished. A unique product for anyone who wants to put the focus on their eyes with brows that look neat, thick and healthy. Longer-lasting and with a more natural effect than normal eyebrow make-up pencils or gels on sale. Suitable for all eyebrow types

Available in 3 colours:

  • dark brown
  • medium brown
  • light brown

For best results:

  1. Apply a small amount of wax using the angled tip of the brush to mould the eyebrows into shape.
  2. Apply the keratin fibers using the rounded tip of the brush to fill empty spaces and achieve the depth required