TRICOMIX -  Revolutionary care for your hair

The innovative formula of Tricomix will completely revolutionise the life of anyone suffering from thinning hair.

Tricomix products instantly give more volume for hair that looks thick and full thanks to the action of the totally natural fibres containing natural keratin and naturally made in Italy, whose excellent quality has been analysed and selected by our research laboratories.

TRICOMIX fibers grip firmly onto any type of hair using ELECTROSTATIC technology for a completely natural look. It is easy to apply by simply sprinkling the powder on the scalp for a very long-lasting effect that resists rain, wind, perspiration, and touch.

TRICOMIX contains the first natural fiber enriched with a pool of ACTIVE PRINCIPLES AGAINST HAIR LOSS (TRICOMIX patent) and is particularly useful in case of androgenetic hair loss and all types of alopecia. The range of 8 colours blends in with any hair tone and the powders can even be mixed together for a perfect, customised result.

Dermatologically tested product.

The Tricomix line:

Keratin fiber in eight colours and three sizes: 3, 12 and 27 grams
Brow building fiber
Revitalizing shampoo
Revitalizing conditioner
Hair loss prevention gel
Fiber hold spray
Kit of hair applicator accessories

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